F2020 Lightroom Presets

F2020 Preset Packs are here!! These individual packs each have 3 presets that I have used countlessly for photoshoots. If you would like to see even more examples of work please visit my business page www.skyycreative.com.

F2020 packs are filled with vibrant, moody, and creamy blends of colors that work well with people, pets, product, nature and more. Why only 3 in each pack? Because I have a large library I have accumulated over the years (literally 1,000s of presets and I needed to include my favorites I have been using for 2020. These are *mostly* one click with the exception of adjusting exposure and white balance. You can transform these from dark and moody to vibrant with colors by scaling the exposure bar. I am so excited to share these with you all and hope you love the Fall Vibrant vibes as much as I do!



Pack 1 "Savage"

Classy, Bouji, Rachet

Classy, Bouji Rachet - the 3 preset names in this pack & no, I'm not kidding (lol)

The perfect blend between moody, vibrant, and clean looks. Turn a look from dark and moody to vibrant with color with a click of a button. These are my my favorite to use for Summer, Fall and if I want to pop my colors.



Macaroni in the Pot.jpg

Macaroni in a Pot

Pack 2 "Fall Vibe"

FALL IS MY FAV SZN - Every Basic White Girl

No desaturation here! Enjoy clean, fresh, crisp colors like my favorite season. These presets are designed to pull the evergreens from your images and turn them into beautiful orange, reds and yellows. Don't believe me? Jump over to the Preset Pack page and see the before/afters for yourself!! This pack works beautifully with the fall transition, and complementary blues in the image.

Macaroni in a Pot - Poppin' yellows like it's macaroni in a pot. Turn Green foliage to browns, oranges and vibrant yellows.

Muddy Boots - Dark & Moody - just like my soul (jk lol) This preset mutes whites, and secondary colors. Pops the primary colors and gives you image a boost you didn't know you needed. 

Rust & Gold - Teal and baby blues turn into Emerald greens rich with color. Greens and sunsets turn to deep oranges resembling rust and gold.

Macaroni in the Pot-2.jpg

Rust & Gold






Pack 3 "SALTY"


This is my best preset pack yet! I use all the packs on a regular basis but SALTY is my go to! If you love muted whites, vibrant colors, and shooting in golden hours this is the perfect pack for you.


Salty - Vibrant blend of coloration.

(I use often)

Chicken Wing - Brings reds, browns, and deepends contrast while filling shadows with rich coloring.

Fire + Evergreens - I LOVE this preset for golden hour or any afternoon sun time. Pop the greens, blues and oranges for a beautiful complementary blend.

Fire & Evergreen.jpg

Fire + Evergreens